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Digital Media at Dordt College


Media is a powerful force in our world today. Not just in North America, but globally.  How do we interact with media as consumers because, let's face it, most of us consume a lot of media? But for media professionals--those who train here at Dordt--how do we produce media that's different than everyone elses'? How can we compete with the best of the best and be marketable, while at the same time be the salt and light we're called to be?

It's quite a ride ... are you ready? 

Award-Winning Work

Prairie Grass Productions is the production arm of Dordt's Digital Media program. Through PGP, students get involved in award-winning work on a regular basis. We have dozens of Telly Awards and we've won Davey's, Communicator Awards, Avas, Webbys and more. Students enter thier films in festivals and competitions ... and win. This sets you apart for the day when you're ready to take your place in the media world. 

World-Class Facilities

Our post-production lab is state of the art. No, really. It is. We use the same Avid system Peter Jackson used on his Lord of the Rings series. We have the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite. We use the same animation software you see used on TV every day. We have a 64 TB media engine to make your HD and 4k footage accessible in a collaborative environment. In short, we have one of the best facilties in the entire region. Bar none. 

Award-Winning Faculty

Your professors are leaders in their fields. From Graphic Arts to Writing to Directing to Film making, your instructors aren't just teaching. They're doing.  

That's important because as this field rapidly changes, faculty need to change with it. They're not teaching from dusty notes and experience from ages ago. They're teaching what they do.
It's a difference you'll notice. 

Location Matters

Filmmaking in Iowa? 

We hear that a lot. But the advantages here are immense. For one thing, you won't be surrounded with a lot of competing production companies and other media programs. We have more work opportunties than we can handle, which means you get boots-on-the-ground experience that sets you apart. We're close to two major airports which means we're close to the world, and the world comes calling because they recognize the great work Dordt students and faculty do. Do youself a favor: come check us out. 

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