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Here's what our Grads are saying ...


Nathan Walter, 2016


When I was thirteen, my two best friends and I figured out how to make action figures move with stop-motion animation. We stayed up all night bringing Jack Sparrow and Will Turner to life. From that moment on, I’ve been addicted to making movies.

Once I decided to attend Dordt, the Digital Media Program was a given. I loved the film program. It forced me to think about why I should make films as a Christian. It taught me how to work with others collaboratively. Most significantly, it provided me with a wealth of production experience that would not have been possible anywhere else. Under the veteran teaching of Mark Volkers, I produced a feature-length, award-winning documentary, 8000 Miles with Dad; I traveled to the mountains of Lesotho with Volkers and a film crew to shoot another documentary; and I created a variety of short films that stretched me in countless ways.

Because of the experience I gained under Volkers, I was able to jump feet-first into a video production internship at a marketing technology agency called Click Rain. And now I work there full-time.

I am so grateful to have studied Digital Media at Dordt, and I am excited for the new experiences to come making videos at Click Rain

Worship and Media 

Justin Gloudemans, 2015


Upon graduating high school I had know idea what I wanted to do - but I knew I wanted to do something that involved visual arts. The Digital Media program seemed like a good fit, so I went for it, however I had no idea the adventure that lay ahead. Those four years at Dordt College ended up being an exceptional time of growth for me - not only in my skills of media production, but also spiritually. During my experience in the digital media program I had many awesome opportunities to work for actual companies and organizations, some of which were in different countries including Mozambique and Haiti. The program also gave me flexibility to pursue my passion for leading worship, and today I have the privilege of working in a church as the Director of Worship and Arts. My roll is to lead worship in multiple different settings along with creating media and videos for the church and the community. I am grateful for the Digital Media program and the hands on training I received - and I am excited to see where the Lord leads next!

My business Facebook page.


Ag and Media

Brett Leyendekker. 2012


"Being the only Dordt College graduate to ever receive degrees in Agribusiness and Digital Media Productions simultaneously, I can honestly say that the Digital Media Program at Dordt definitely helped guide me toward my career path and show me how I could successfully combine both interests. I was able to see my interests first come together by producing two agricultural documentaries as a student, one even being distributed worldwide by the Sioux County Chamber of Commerce. In addition to those projects, I produced a variety of films for the Dordt community, including the retirement tribute for Dordt College's third president, Dr. Carl Zylstra.

     After graduation, I had the wonderful opportunity to work for Dordt College in a Public Relations/Marketing Communication position - producing promotional films for the college that provided me with the education and experience to do so! I also had the pleasure of being the media producer for the 2013 Prairie Grass Film Challenge! 

     Now I am back in California where most of my time is dedicated to working as the herdsman and director of public relations for my family's dairy; but I still maintain a steady workflow for my side-business, BL Film Productions, as time allows. Looking back from where I am today, I am truly thankful for the Dordt College Digital Media Program!"


Tim Morgan, 2012


Film and animation have always been a passion for me, and I can honestly say all that I have today is thanks to the instruction of Dordt College's Digital Media Program. Without it, I probably would not be in the position I am today. While at Dordt, I participated in the Prairie Grass Film Challenge each year and worked on several projects. The one that gives me the most pride, however, was receiving permission and praise from author/ graphic novelist, Jeff Smith, to adapt a section of his graphic novel “Bone” into a short motion comic.


Non Profit

Dale Vande Griend, 2010


After receiving a high quality education and exceptional hands-on-experiences from the Dordt College Digital Media program in 2010, I felt uniquely qualified to create my own freelance video and photography business. I created my own niche of producing digital media content for Non-Profit organizations and immediately started getting loyal clients and traveling around the world on their behalf. One of my clients, Mission:India, liked my work so much they created a full time Video Editor position for me. I traveled to India several times a year filming and editing stories. Not long after that, I was approached by Christian Reformed World Missions, a branch of the Christian Reformed Church of North America, to apply for a new Multimedia Producer position. Now I get to travel around the world, filming and editing inspirational stories of changed lives and showing them to the people who helped make those stories happen. Due to the education I received from the Digital Media program at Dordt College I am succeeding in my field far more than I could have ever imagined.


Marketing, Commercial Work

Daniel Kauten, 2011


I love the Digital Media Productions program. Not only did I receive a great education, I also had the opportunity to work for some real world clients. 

This experience in college helped me get a full-time position in advertising and marketing in Iowa.

     My career started in Cedar Falls, Iowa where I got the opportunity to film commercials, corporate videos, and fundraising videos for various clients. 

Now I am working for Meredith Xcelerated Marketing in Des Moines, Iowa. As the assistant video producer, I am scheduling, filming and editing video projects delivered to social media.

I love being able to live in the midwest but do work for nationally well-known clients. I have even been able to volunteer my skills to my church.

Every day, I am doing something different in video production and I absolutely love it 


Professional Marketing

Jess Brauning. 2009


When I graduated with a Digital Media degree in 2009, I had no idea what kind of wild ride I had ahead of me. Using the skills that Dordt had taught me, and the connections it helped me make in the community, I spent the next six years running my own video business. I delivered over 100 wedding films and did commercial work for many local businesses. I think the general ed portions of my experience at Dordt were vital in complementing the video production skills I learned, because running Paragon Videography was hard work and demanded that I be an excellent communicator and business manager in addition to being a videographer. In 2015 I leveraged my experience working for myself to start an in-house video production effort at Click Rain, a marketing technology agency in Sioux Falls. This has opened the door for me to work with some very exciting clients, create some work I've been very proud of, and challenged me in all kinds of brand new ways. I've even had the pleasure of getting to call Dordt College a client. I continue to point people interested in video production back to Dordt because I've been very impressed with how the Digital Media program has evolved over the years and Mark Volkers' commitment to keeping it a cutting edge program while keeping that vital center of mission and worldview.

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